We help you understand the why behind the users' click. The Internet allows us to collect millions of peoples’ interactions. Webnographer’s unique methods and tools help you understand this behavioral data. We can help you make your website less frustrating so that you can understand why your users get lost or can’t find the product they are looking for.

We are because we believe that data can help create better ideas. We are here to help designers and programmers understand how people use the software they have created. We have developed a set of tools and methods to make data easy to understand by transforming it from numbers into insights and wisdom.

Want to find out how Webnographer can benefit your project?

Contact us or call +44 (0)1273 782 077

Contact us or call +44 (0)1273 782 077

Why remote

Webnographer’s Remote Methodology was created to increase the visibility on why users behave in the way they do on a particular website. There is a clear need to separate the signal from the noise, and to have actionable metrics to help identify what changes can be made to the website to improve its performance.

What we do

We help companies understand how customers use their website, where and why they are having problems, what is distracting them from finding the desired information, and what needs to be done to improve the user’s experience on the website. While surveys and webstats combined can tell us what the visitor is doing, it is hard to discover the user’s motivation behind an action.

We research everywhere

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... Ireland: Moorefield Business Centre, Moorefield Road, Newbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland

... Portugal: Rua São Paulo, nº121 3ºAndar, Lisboa, Portugal

About us

We have diverse backgrounds, we are from a diversity of cultures, and we speak many languages. But above all, we are passionate about making software less frustrating.

Want to find out how Webnographer can benefit your project?

Contact us or call +44 (0)1273 782 077

Contact us or call +44 (0)1273 782 077

Our Methods

Webnographer uses three main techniques to help discover user behavior, Remote Usability Testing, Web Stats, and Surveys. Using all of them in combination will give the best insight into your users' behavior.

Remote Usability Testing

Webnographer Remote Usability Testing methodology looks at what customers actually do, while also knowing what their goal is. This allows us to identify what is causing an issue, why customers are having problems, and most importantly how improvements can be made. Not only does Webnographer Remote Usability Testing methodology identify the "why" but it also allows quantifiable data to be collected.

Web Analytics

Web analytics can generate your hypothesis and research questions, while Webnographer's Remote Usability Methodology is great at testing your hypothesis and answering you research questions.


Surveys are great at finding out what people think, but also what people say they did, and what they understood happened. Surveys can measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, and can be helpful in identifying causes such as functional issues on a site. Surveys also can be invaluable in identifying what peoples goals are on the site.

Webnographer has a unique "in page" survey tool. The survey questions are contained within your web page. his leads to a better user experience and therefore more people taking part in the survey.

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